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3 Things to Do in Downtown L.A.

I used to have a love-hate relationship with downtown Los Angeles. Actually, I still do. For one, it's a bit rough around the edges and the streets are notoriously difficult to navigate through. And yet, this neighborhood is home to some of my favorite restaurants, bars and cultural centers in the city. It's also the one area in L.A. that makes me feel like I live in a buzzing metropolis - with hordes of people and high-rises extending to infinity and beyond. Well shucks, now that I've waxed poetic, it looks like I might actually love-love downtown L.A., flaws and all. Maybe you will too.

Grand Central Market // 317 S Broadway

If you came to visit me in Los Angeles, I'd take you straight to Grand Central Market, a dual food court and market that has been in continuous operation since 1917. That's a whole lotta of history right there. What makes this place so special however, is the food and the variety of it. With close to 40 vendors serving everything from pupusas to pizzas, Grand Central Market can be overwhelming, especially on weekend afternoons. To get through the maze and to the good stuff, h