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Bree Torres is a 28-year-old workaholic and advertising exec who decides to explore her fraught relationship with sex and pleasure, after being tasked to manage the agency's newest client: a sex toy company. 


Bree Torres: Chauntice Green 

Abby: Courtney Thomas 

Chris: Jerimiyah Dunbar 

Park GF: Rahnesha Keith

Park BF: Terrell Maze


Writer and EP: Taylor Henriquez 

Director: Krystina Christiansen

Producer and EP: Kate Oliva 

Director of Photography: Jaan Kristjan Utno

Editor: Kristin Valentine

Intimacy Coordinator: Annie Spong

PA/BTS: Jenna Dorian

AD: Karla Espino

1st AC: George Ellett 

2nd AC: Lucia Rinaldi 

Gaffer: Marlo Madlangbayan Gaite-Dejoya

Key Grip: Chris Webha 

Sound Mixer: Ken Hobson

Boom Operator: Gigi Zimmer 

Colorist: AJ Francois 

Sound Designer: Nirana Singh 

VFX Designer: Meredith Veach 

Music: El Edmeade 

Graphic Design: Meghan Hollis

SHORT FILM SYNOPSIS:  28-year-old Bree is fine. She's a respected brand manager at an advertising agency, lives in a sunny apartment, and her roommate is also her best friend. Sure she's going through an extended quarter-life crisis and is single AF, but that’s what birth charts and dating apps are for. So when Bree is tasked to manage a new sexual wellness account at work, her roommate Abby, encourages Bree to explore her relationship with her body. Through this, Bree begins to question everything she’s learned (and hasn’t learned) about sex, pleasure and desire. But after a series of mishaps, false starts and few bad dates with a guy named Chris, Bree decides to take matters into her own hands… literally. 

"I'm 28, single, and the only man that is regularly calling my phone is Paco from Sallie Mae."  - Bree

"'ve never had an orgasm. Don't forget that."  - Abby
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