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Cute Little Spot: Flowerboy Project

I like surprises. Or rather, I like expecting one thing, and then experiencing something better in return. One pleasant surprise I discovered about a year ago, was the Flowerboy Project in Venice, Calif.: a cute little spot (CLS) that is as much about coffee as it is about flowers and quirky gifts - for you or someone special.

Located within a stretch of Lincoln Blvd., and close to other local favorites including Love Yoga and Wurstküche, Flowerboy Project looks unassuming from the street, until you notice the dried flowers handing inside near the window, and the fresh ones standing tall in their pots outside.

Walk in, and you’ll find the coffee station to your left. Rainbow magnets serve as the menu board, highlighting the standards (drip, espresso, tea, cold brew, etc.) with the exception of the cafe’s signature rose (Rose Girl) and lavender (Lavender Boy) lattes, served iced or hot, and sprinkled with edible dried rose petals or lavender buds. Grain bowls, toasts with sweet and savory toppings and pastries are also available.

The sitting area is tiny, with only four tables allotted for those hoping to get work done. Snag one if you can, as the environment is quiet, but brimming with creativity. It’s one of those places where you rather bring a notebook or pad, instead of a computer.

Across the aisle is a wide selection of home goods, notebooks and cards, jewelry and clothing. Flowerboy Project has its own collection of cute merch, including a line of candles with scents correlating to Los Angeles neighborhoods like Echo Park (sandalwood) Beverly Hills (rose), Inglewood (orange blossom), and of course, Venice. Other notable items for sale include the LOST iN city guide books, cheeky (pun intended) sculptures from artist Meegan Barnes, leather handbags from Less Bore, illustrated notebooks from Wrap and kimonos from Cali Dreaming.

The Flowerboy Project is my favorite Westside secret and surprise.

Flowerboy Project: 824 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

Photos by: Kelly Bylsma

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