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 AwesomenessTV | Producer

Influencer Brent Rivera takes six of his closest friends (and little sister) on a Dream Vacation they'll never forget. 

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Food.com | On-Camera Talent | Producer

On this episode of Genius Kitchen, I took a trip down the rabbit hole and made some fun and creative cocktails with the Mad Hatter herself. This


 Food.com | Director | Producer

This starship-shaped pizza tutorial will take you on a wild ride. 

  • 168K Facebook video views 


The Rosé Wine Taste Test | Director | Producer | On-Camera Talent

Personal project highlighting my love for rosé wine


 Food.com | Director | Producer

Took a field trip to Flushing, Queens to witness the birth of two new meat barbies: thinly sliced short rib layered over Barbies and then cooked in a hot pot. 

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Food.com | Director | Producer | Writer

It's fun to play with your food when your ice cream is stretchy.  

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Food.com | Director and Producer

Gretchen Weiner's dad would be so proud. Learn how to make a giant Toaster Strudel in this cooking tutorial.


Tastemade | Producer | On-Camera Talent

Spent the day at Malibu Wine Safaris, drinking wine, petting llamas, and almost French kissing a giraffe named Stanley. All in a day's work. 

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Food.com | Producer | Writer

Social-only video highlighting the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper.