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 Video Producer | Writer

Hi there! I'm a writer and video producer based in Los Angeles, by way of New York City and Atlanta. My mission is to create scripted and unscripted programming that leans on traditionally unspoken topics, including race, money, sexual and mental health, through underrepresented voices. 

Currently, I develop, produce and direct unscripted series and podcasts, most recently for Hulu, ViacomCBS, Discovery Inc. (Food Network and Food.com) and Tastemade

Through my work, I've challenged pizza purists to make viral pies in a new cooking competition show premiering in 2022 on Hulu, wrote jokes for Nickelodeon's "Unfiltered," television series, and helped the biggest YouTubers and TikToker's find love on AwesomenessTV's (ViacomCBS) #1 franchise, "Twin My Heart," an unscripted dating and competition series and podcast.  

Want to know what moves, motivates, and entertains Gen Z and Millenials? I got you. 


My biggest project in 2021 was writing and executive producing the film, "About Bree," a comedic short about a 28-year-old workaholic and advertising exec, who decides to explore her relationship with sex and pleasure after being tasked to manage the agency's newest client: a sex toy company. 

I'm also a food & beverage writer and essayist with work featured in Bon Appétit, Eater, Kitchn, Time Out Los Angeles, Food Network digital, and Teen Vogue. Most recently, I wrote the zine, "Wines & Signs," a casual how-to guide on drinking and enjoying wine.


If you're interested in working together, say hello at ItsTaylorHenriquez@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram, @TaylorHenriquez where I talk incessantly about my favorite bottles of wine and astrology. You've been warned.