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  TV and Digital Video Producer / Writer 

Taylor Henriquez was raised in Atlanta and born in New York, to a mother from the Midwest and a father with roots in Panama.

Currently, she develops, writes and produces unscripted TV and digital series, including competition formats, docu-follows, game shows, and celeb interviews for Hulu, Food Network, Nickelodeon, AwesomenessTV, A+E Networks, and Discovery Inc. 


Her mission is to create scripted and unscripted programming that leans on traditionally unspoken topics, including race, sexual health, and intimacy, through historically underrepresented voices. Her short film and TV pilot, About Bree centers on a 20-something advertising exec who decides to explore her fraught relationship with sex and pleasure after being tasked to manage her agency’s newest client: a sex toy company. Taylor’s scripts are focused on women-driven dramedies with characters who always get in their own way when it comes to achieving their goals. 

Taylor also writes personal essays, zines and articles with work featured in Teen Vogue, Eater and Bon Appétit. 


When she’s not writing, Taylor can be found at a Los Angeles wine bar learning about different grape varietals or taking a hike through the Santa Monica Mountains. According to family lore, Taylor is the fifth great-grandchild of President George Washington. And given the founding of this country…well, that tracks.  

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