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Hey there! I’m a digital video producer and writer based in Los Angeles, by way of New York and Atlanta. Currently, I'm a lifestyle producer for AwesomenessTV and a freelance writer (Food Network, Eater, Bon Appétit). 

I have experience creating content in a few mediums, but my work can be summed up in a few words: I love telling stories not usually told. 


It all started with a YouTube cooking channel I created called, "At Taylor's Table," while working in PR and advertising. After leaving the ad world, I started picking up freelance gigs, writing about how a Mexican restaurant helped me come to terms with living in the South for Eater, a very special roommate from hell experience for Healthyish/Bon Appétit, and opening up about my struggles with accepting my natural hair for Teen Vogue.  

While writing, I started pitching myself for production opportunities, working with Tastemade Travel and eventually Discovery (Genius Kitchen and Food Network), where I produced and directed food videos, including recipe tutorials and field shoots in restaurants, home kitchens, and once, a double-decker bus. 

When I’m not writing or watching an obscene amount of YouTube videos, you can find me working on my short film script about female sexual agency and sex positivity (hello, Hollywood) hiking, or wandering around Los Angeles in search of the perfect margarita. All tips appreciated. 

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