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Writer | Producer

Hi there! I'm a writer and video producer based in Los Angeles, by way of New York City and Atlanta. Currently, I'm a producer at ViacomCBS where I write, produce and direct video and podcast series for AwesomenessTV and Nickelodeon. Want to know what moves, motivates, and entertains Gen Z and 20-something Millennials in the lifestyle, entertainment, and social justice spaces? I got you. 


I'm also a food & beverage writer and essayist with work featured in Bon Appétit, Eater, Kitchn, Time Out Los Angeles, Food Network digital and Teen Vogue. Most recently, I wrote the zine, "Wines & Signs," a casual how-to guide on drinking and enjoying wine.

Selected work can be found HERE


If you're interested in working together, say hello at Taylor.Henriquez@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @TaylorHenriquez where I talk incessantly about my favorite bottles of wine and astrology. You've been warned.